Memorial for the victims of the concentration camp in Dachau
Distance from hotel: 27.7 km

Memorial for the victims of the concentration camp in Dachau

The memorial for the victims of the concentration camp in Dachau was built on the former concentration camp's area. The memorial also includes a museum, a library and an archive.
On the 21.03.1933 Himmler commissions the construction of the concentration camp in Dachau, which was the first one in Germany. The first commandant, Theodor Eicke, developed an organization chart, which later was valid for all camps.  He made Dachau to a "School of violence" for the members of the SS.
In late April the SS started to evacuate the 169 satellite camps and so that US-toops finally freed the concentration camp on the 29.04.1945. Until then over 200.000 prisioners from more then 34 countries were held in Dachau.
1965 the Comité´International de Dachau constituted the memorial with a funding of the Free State of Bavaria.
You can also see a document exposition in the former outbuilding, both crematories, the prisioners' bunker and a reconstructed concentration camp barracke. 1960 the catholic "Mortal fear-Christi-Chapel", the protestant reconciliation church, a jewish memorial and a russian-orthodox chapel were built.

KZ Gedenkstätte Dachau
Alte Römerstraße 75
85221 Dachau
Telefon: 08131 669970
Opening times:
everyday from 9am until 5pm
(the archive is closed on mondays)
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Sep, 2016
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