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Trabrennbahn München-Daglfing

The Trotting Course in Daglfing is a sports facility, which is used for trotting course, in Munich's district Daglfing.

After the trotting sport hade bcome very famous, some trotting sport lovers founded the Munich Trotting and Breed Club in Daglfing in 1902. In October that year the prince and the later King Ludwig opened the trotting course. Since 1906 it is allowed to bet on the races.

1909 a second stand for about 1000 visitors was built. During the First World War the business at the trotting course was limited, but not ruined. During the crisis in 1920s the trotting course was also used for dog, car and motorcycle races. In the 1930s the Trotting Course in Daglfing was renewed and expanded because of the support of the National Socialists. Thus the opportunuty for night races was enabled. The Trotting Course was burned in 1938 durng the Second World War.  
But the trotting course became fastly famous again after the Second World War and 1951 and 1975 two new stands were built. 

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