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Distance from hotel: 3.3 km

High up in the trees, in one of the virgin forests of Munich, 2014 the largest and most beautiful climbing forest of Munich emerged. With a total of 13 trails on more than 21,000 square meters of forest you can experience an adventure in the tree tops. In the 9 high course, the Kampenwand course starts. For the intrepid, it goes up to the Mount Everest course on felt 8848 meters. About the Brezn, the 14-meter-long jungle bridge or the tree-to-tree ladder, there is something for everyone from the child to the climbing profi. A great highlight is the Flying Fox course with a total of 7 ropeways.

Münchner Wald - climbing forest Vaterstetten

Ottendichler Straße 1
85591 Vaterstetten

Internet: www.muenchner-wald.de
Mail: info@muenchner-wald.de
Phone: +49 (0) 8071-103 51 50 (Office)
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