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German Theatre in Munich

The German Theatre in Munich was opened on the 26. Septeber 1896. The programm offers a variety of dramatic and performing arts: musicals, operetta, ballet and concerts of international artists. 

1896 Alexander Blum, Joseph Rank and Karl Stöhr built the theatre, which also was calles "Fairy Palace" in a neo-barock style. The Building complex included the theatre hall with 1679 seats, an event hall "Silver Hall", restaurants, a café´, a lot of shops and 30 flats.

1939 Paul Baugarten senior redecorated the theatre hall. On the 9.March 1943 the theatre was bombed and thus destroyed.

1951 the German Theatre Munich was reopenend after Ludwig and Willy Reiber party had reconstructed the building from 1949 until 1951. 1976-1982 Reinhar Riemerschmid redecorated the theatre hall in the pop art style. 

Deutsches Theater München Betriebs-GmbH
Schwanthalerstraße 13
80336 München

Tickets for Events

Classical Concerts

Phillharmonie in MunichYou like classical music? Then you are at the right place in Munich. During your visit to Munich, you have the opportunity to secure tickets for a variety of classical music. Listening to classical music is for many people a way to relax.


Munich Ballet

Munich State OperaA world famous city like Munich provides of course a variety of cultural events. On your trip to Munich You can therefore enjoy the culture offered. How about, for example, a visit of the famous Munich National Ballet?


Musical Shows

Deutsches Theater in MunichA musical is generally an exciting show, which ensures that the spectators can have an unforgettable experience. In Munich, you have the opportunity to visit numerous cultural events. This includes musicals.


Opera and Operetta

The opera is considered great art. Since there in the city of Munich are numerous cultural events, may also not be missed opera. If you are one of those people who keeps oneself busy with culture, the way to the opera is certainly not a bad decision. In Munich, you have the chance to see famous operas performed by talented actors.



Prinzregentheater in MunichThe theater is a wonderful opportunity to go to an event, in which can be observed performance arts. In in the city of Munich you have the opportunity to admire many plays that will be performed by professional actors.

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