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Cabarets Shows

The Bavarian city of Munich is the home of numerous comedians and cabaret artists. In addition, many artists come to the city to present their shows before live audiences. Therefore, you can use the events of the artist, to address the issue of cabaret a little bit. If you take pleasure in the cabaret, you have many shows to choose from in Munich. Visit the performance of a well-known comedian or give a newcomer a chance by visiting his show in Munich. In the case cabaret it is usually referred to a somewhat sophisticated form of humor. Be among the friends of the performing arts? Then benefit from the offer of cabaret in the city of Munich and enjoy an evening full of wit and humor. Many different artists present their cabaret show in Munich, so you have the chance to visit a show that will make you laugh during your stay.

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Roland Kaiser - Alles oder Dich - Die Tournee 2020
Roland Kaiser – nur wenige Namen sind so eng mit dem Triumphzug des deutschen Schlagers verknüpft, wie der des 66-jährigen Berliners. Ein lupenreiner Ausnahmesänger, der seit fast viereinhalb Dekaden ganze Generationen begeistert, der sich dabei immer wieder neu erfindet und der sein Publikum bis heute mitnimmt auf seine ganz persönliche Reise. Seine neue große Arenatournee 2020 trägt den Namen se...
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