If a meeting was in Bavarian, it would only take half as long!
Important expressions in Business - Bavarian with translation

Ja, spinn i! (literally: Yeah, am I crazy!)
-> I can not believe what you are just telling me!

-> Could you repeat the question again??

Ja vareck (literally: Yeah, just die a miserable death)
-> We were not conditionally prepared for this turn of events.

Gäh weida
-> Oh stop it. / Oh stop telling tales. / or with the appropriate hand gesture: Get lost!

Des sog i da
-> I would like to emphasize this matter.

Do wennst ma ned glei obhaust (literally: If you do not leave just this instance, ...)
-> I do not want to deal with you / this at very the moment.

A bissl wos gäd oiwei (literally: A little something is always possible)
-> A compromise solution is conceivable.

-> I have a different opinion, and I secretly think you are telling rubbish.

So a vareckts Glump (literally: Such a cheap B-Stock)
-> At the moment there is a quality problem.

-> This concludes the event. It was a great pleasure to work with you.
We thank all participants for their valuable contributions and the time they sacrificed to us.
If necessary, we will come back to you.
Or in short: Are we done yet?!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our little translation of the Bavarian dialect.
If you want to hear an authentic Bavarian speak, just come and visit us in person.

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